How Often Should You Have Your Car Detailed?

by Esteban   |   January 12, 2021
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Did you know that a quarter of the cars Americans own are 16 years old or older? It’s a record number. Many drivers want to keep their older cars running.

Why? Because for many, used cars are a less expensive option than buying new or leasing. For people who buy new or used, routine car maintenance saves money later on.

They’re how most of us get to and from our jobs. They haul groceries and other important household items. Thanks to the interstate system, we can travel across the country with them.

Getting your car detailed is an aspect of car maintenance that you shouldn’t overlook. Read on to find out why you need car detailing services and how often you should visit a professional.

What is Auto Detailing?

Many people skip auto detailing because they confuse it with routine cleaning. You might stop at a quarter car wash once a month to clear away dirt and grime from your car’s exterior. You might spend a sunny Saturday vacuuming the interior.

You also pride yourself on your auto care. You don’t skip or delay an oil change. You winterize every year without fail. You never hesitate to get a tune-up.

So if you take such good care of your car, why would you bother to pay someone to detail your car?

Because car detailing is so much more than routine cleaning.

Car detailing is a deep cleaning process meant to restore your vehicle’s exterior, interior, and engine bay to its just off the lot condition.


Did you know harmful contaminants wage war against your car’s exterior every day? You do your part to clear the dirt and grime from your vehicle with a regular wash. You help protect your car’s exterior with a wax.

Plus, a fresh coat of wax looks great.

In the northern US, road salt is a culprit. Inclement and dangerous winter weather means pounds of salt dumped on highways and back roads. This salt contributes to the degradation and rust of a car’s exterior.

For southern states, those who live by the ocean know the damage the salty air can cause a car’s exterior. Professional detailing helps fight the corrosive contaminants by restoring and deep cleaning your car’s paint.

The first step in exterior detailing is a methodical hand washing to remove all the dirt from your car’s surface. Then, the workers clay your car to remove all the deep grime set into your car’s paint.

After the wash and clay, technicians polish your car’s paint. This is done to remove any surface scratches where rust can develop. After the polish, your car receives a protective wax coating.

It’s not just the paint that an exterior car detailing protects. Technicians clean your tires and wheel wells. They polish all your exterior glass and clean the hard to reach parts of your exterior’s trim.


A clean ride is a safe ride, and interior detailing keeps your car safe and clean. Your car’s interior floor carries a lot of moisture. Think about how often you enter and exit your car on a wet day.

You have floor mats to prevent damage, but water and dirt find a way to soak into your interior floor carpets. This moisture can cause rust.

When you have your car’s interior detailed, the detailers go beyond a simple vacuum job. You can do that yourself.

What they do is scrub and shampoo all your upholstery to remove deep stains. If you own a car with a leather interior, the leather is scrubbed and creamed to remove dirt and restore its original softness.

An interior detail also involves removing dust and dirt from all the heating and cooling vents. All of your car’s interior plastic and vinyl receives a clean and polish to restore its original shine.

Your trunk, your interior windshields, ashtrays, and consoles all receive a deep cleaning.

Engine Bay

A wash and wax feel good, right? Nothing beats taking your clean, sparkling car out for a cruise. What about all that stuff you can’t see?

An engine bay detailing is so important for prolonging a car’s lifespan. Dirt, grease, and grime build-up cause your car’s engine to run hot—this dirt and grease stress pullies and bearings.

A dirty engine bay also prevents mechanics from diagnosing engine problems.

An engine bay detail involves rinsing and scrubbing your car engine and all its parts before total degreasing. The degreasing chemicals remove all grit and grime caused by motor oil.

After the degreasing, all the plastic and rubber are treated to prevent cracks and leaks.

How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

Think about professional detailing for your car the same way you think about visiting the dentist.

Your regular washing and waxing are like brushing and flossing. These are the regular things you do when you care for your automobile. Professional detailing is like a deep cleaning by a dental hygenist.

Why do you visit a dental hygenist? They clean your teeth in ways you can’t on your own. The same goes for a car detailer, and as a visit to the dentist, most professionals recommend a detail every six months.

Get Your Car Detailed

Care for your automobile extends beyond a do-it-yourself wash and wax. Though you should regularly perform those tasks, you need to have your car detailed by a professional every six months.

A complete detail helps to protect your investment and extend the life of your automobile. It will also keep your resale value high with the bonus of a sparkling clean driving experience.

If you’ve never sought professional detailing for your car, you can’t afford to wait any longer. Contact us today to make your car look as good as new.

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