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      Who Are We?

More than a Car Wash…

Freedom Classic Car Wash was founded in 1993 in support of the House of Freedom Ministries, a 40+ year non-profit ministry providing drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our car wash was born with the purpose of providing an economic means for the House of Freedom ministry while serving as a vocational workshop to the youth wanting to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. We’ve grown so much over the years, and with your patronage, we can continue to support this cause.

      The Best Hand Car Wash In Kissimmee, FL

The Ultimate Auto Protection

Experience the ultimate convenience and care for your vehicle with our hand car wash services.  Unlike automated car washes, our skilled team pays close attention to detail, ensuring a thorough and gentle cleaning that preserves your car’s finish.  Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes that can damage your paint and hello to a hand car wash that pampers your vehicle.
Our process not only leaves your car looking its best but also contributes to a longer lifespan for your vehicle.  Treat your car to the luxury it deserves and choose our hand car wash and enjoy a gleaming, pristine vehicle every time you drive.

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Protection from Harmful UV Rays

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Water & Dirt Repellent

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Scratch Prevention & High Gloss


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Freedom Express
Cars - $15
SUV + Pickup - $20
Exterior Wash
Hand Dry
Tire Shine
Prices may vary on vehicle condition
Cash Only
El Classic
Cars - $30
SUV + Pickup - $40
Exterior Wash
Handy Dry
Tire Shine
Dash Wipe Down
Window Clean
Door Jamb Wipe Down
Prices may vary on vehicle condition
Cash Only


We don't stop at just hand car washing...

Besides providing the best exterior & interior wash, we also offer other basic car detailing services like quick wax, leather / vinyl treatment, and bug removal to make your car look its best.

Hand Car Wash

Our hand car wash will protect your car from the nicks and scratches that machine car washes may cause.

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Car Detailing

Our experts have more than 25 years of experience in auto care on cars of all sizes.

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Why Us?

We go the extra mile...

Our passion, experience, and attention to detail make us the best in hand car washing and detailing.


Certified Pros

Certified car detailing Kissimmee experts with more than 25 years of experience in auto detailing on cars of all sizes


Customer Satisfaction

Drop by or call us to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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Quality Products

Your car deserves nothing but the best quality cleaning products in the industry, and that's exactly what we use.

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