Is a Hand Car Wash the Best Option For You?

by Esteban   |   June 22, 2021
hand car wash

Did you know that the first car wash used manpower to push the vehicle through the process? They have certainly come a long way since then, but are they the perfect solution for a dirty vehicle? Opinions on automatic vs hand washing usually come down to price and time.

Are you looking for a new car wash? Could a hand car wash be what you are looking for? Let’s take a closer look at the details of the detailing.

Humans Are Better Than Robots, Hands Down

At a time when most everything we do is being switched over from manual labor to automatic and computer-driven, some things are just better off left to human hands. The employees of a hand car wash are earning a living by mastering their craft and showing off their experience, skills, and hard work.

A hand car wash service gets in places that a machine never could. And, there will always be a place for craftsmanship and hard work, no matter how much machines do for us.

Don’t Be Rejected By An Automatic Wash

Have you ever pulled up to an automatic car wash only to realize that your vehicle does not qualify to be serviced there? For those with vehicles that are too tall in height, have tires that are too wide, or otherwise do not meet the specific requirements for the machine- do not waste your time with a facility that can not handle your vehicle.

A hand wash does not have any of those strict rules. Your size is just right, no matter what that size is. A hand wash does not have tracks that a tire needs to fit in or height restrictions of a machine.

You Are Too Good For Them

Luxury vehicles, antique vehicles, and modified vehicles are in a league of their own when it comes to car washes. If your vehicle isn’t stock and easily replaced or repaired then it will most likely require special attention, the special attention that an automatic car wash can not provide.

Motorcycle Hand Wash

When it comes to motorcycles, trikes, and scooters an automatic car wash won’t be the best option. It is not an option at all because of the nature of the machine. What an open ride need is a wash that is done by hand by expert employees who have mastered their craft.

Receive Real Scrubbing Action

When was the last time you went through an automatic car wash and they took the time to get those extra dirty spots, scrub off that mud from the wheel well, or get those splattered bugs off of your grill? A machine does not have that capability. There is a good chance that you will come out of an automatic wash finding spots that were missed.

Fresh Towels, Every Time

Unlike an automatic car wash, a hand wash is done with fresh towels for every vehicle. This ensures that there is no dirt, debris, or even bacteria stuck in the towels from the last vehicle that was washed. Why go to a car wash only to have old dirt spread around on your vehicle?

When you go through an automatic car wash there is no control over what can happen to your vehicle. Plenty of vehicles have lost antennas, come out with scratches, dings, and dents. Don’t let this happen to your vehicle.

Add On a Detail Service

A hand wash is the only place that you can go and get the interior of your car washed, as well. Is an automatic car wash going to vacuum your rugs or wipe down your dashboard?

Are you looking for the whole package? Often you have three choices at an automatic car wash- basic, a step up from basic, and the most expensive package. But, even by purchasing the best one you are only getting a spritz of wax to finish the wash. Right?

If you want your tires shined, or an extra service performed it will not be available. A car wash that is done by hand means that there are upgrades available for purchase. Be sure to check in to see if they offer the service that you are looking for.

Check Out a Ceramic Coating

For those that have a vehicle that has a few years on it, and maybe a few little scratches or paint chips it might be worth checking out a ceramic coating. Having a professional ceramic coating applied can bring new life and a bright shine back into the appearance of your vehicle.

Do you want to make the job of washing your car easier in the future? The ceramic coating gives a smooth finish that makes it harder for stubborn dirt to stick to. Check-in with your vehicle’s warranty as this, unfortunately, can void a warranty.

Downfalls of a Hand Car Wash?

Of course, there have to be some cons after all of these pros, right? Here are a few factors you might consider as negatives in hand wash vs machine wash for your vehicle.

The difference in water usage is not regulated as much with a hand wash facility as it is with an automatic car wash. For this reason, a hand wash will use more water. Take into account that a hand washes results in a more thorough wash, so you won’t have to have it done as frequently- it evens out.

An automatic wash is faster than a hand wash. This should come as no surprise, especially when you look at the outcome and can visually see which one took 3 minutes.

Hand wash might cost more than an automatic machine wash. But, isn’t that the point? You get what you pay for. If you want better quality work your vehicle will reflect the few extra dollars that you have spent.

The Proof Is in the Polish

A car wash is a form of appreciation for your vehicle, so make sure you choose wisely. Though it may take a bit longer, a cost a fraction more, a hand car wash is completely worth it. For further questions or to schedule your vehicle’s appointment, give the professionals at Freedom Classic Hand Car Wash and Detailing a buzz.

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