Car Washes Kissimmee

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
Car Washes in Kissimmee

Car Washes – Cars do not come cheap and most people spend their lifetime savings to buy one of their own. Whether we want to or not, we do end up forming a materialistic attachment with our ride. We want our car to always look its best with shiny exterior and good smelling interior. And for these reasons, we make it a point to get our car washed and cleaned regularly.

Getting your car washed in Kissimmee is very easy and convenient. Be it a full exterior wash, wax job, scrubbing or just a good bath. We have got a plethora of options to get our car washed in Kissimmee. We can do it ourselves or take it to any of the car wash services in Kissimmee.

Fortunately for us, car washes in Kissimmee are relatively cheaper and save us lots of time. We can thank the two men from Detroit for pioneering the first Automated Car wash service and making our lives easier.

Getting your car washed regularly in Kissimmee serves more than one purpose. Besides the obvious, regular car washes help us to maintain its original paint job, and keep the undercarriage and wheels clean and clear from debris, stones and other detrimental things that might damage the original tires.

It becomes necessary to visit a car wash service in Kissimmee when you live in an apartment or a studio with no driveway to help you wash your car. However, with such a wide range of options available to you, it becomes kind of hard to reach a decision. To help you decide which car wash might be best for you, here are some distinctive qualities that must be found in every car wash in Kissimmee along with the different kind of car wash options available.

Characteristics You Should Look For In a Car Wash in Kissimmee:

When there is a surfeit amount of car wash services in front of you, how do you decide on which one to select? Let us help you by listing down some of the most important characteristics that should be found in a car wash service in Kissimmee.

  • Cleanliness:

Cleanliness is something that should be part of every aspect of life. And it’s only natural for a business providing car wash services to pay special attention to it. Employees at a car wash in Kissimmee should always make it a point to keep their cleaning tools and equipment clean. If they do not pay attention to cleanliness, then they are most likely to find gunk in various parts of the cleaning station, including on the cleaning products and equipment. Cleanliness will not only attract customers but will also avoid the cars from getting even dirtier despite the fact that it is there for the very reason.

  • High-Quality of Tools and Cleaning Products:

Most commercial equipment and cleaning products are big on quantity but barely anything in terms of quality. In order to save as much money as possible and to keep their cost of operation low, car washes in Kissimmee keep unauthentic and questionable supplies with them. A good car wash in Kissimmee will make it a point to invest in high-quality tools and cleaning fluids. These products not only attract customers but will also help in making them regulars. High-quality products produce better end results.

  • The little nooks and cranny:

You know what make customers angry when they get their car after hours of services?  To discover gunk still stuck on the insides of the door or grime stuck on the sides or the windshield. A good car wash in Kissimmee will ensure that every part of the car is given a finesse finish, that every recess is given a proper wash. This is not of the few reasons that people come to a car wash in Kissimmee rather than washing their cars themselves. They want all the hard-to-reach gaps in the car to be spotless and squeaky clean. A car service that pays attention to this will make customers for life.

  • Love their job:

In an ideal car wash in Kissimmee, you’ll be able to find employees who actually love their job. They like cleaning cars and giving it the best wash they could muster. They actually care about the car as if it is their own. No half-hearted attempts of cleaning but rather making sure that when it returns to the owner the car is spick and span.

  • Know The Art Of Vacuuming:

A professional car wash service in Kissimmee wouldn’t just start vacuuming the insides of the car. The carpets and rugs must be cleaned with thick bristled brush, then vacuumed, then washed with shampoo–or any other cleaning fluid –and then vacuumed once again for dry, clean and fragrant insides of the car.

  • Dryers:

Very few car washes in Kissimmee have proper dryers to properly dry the car before bringing the wash to a finish. Without drying or proper finishing, the car will begin to smell from the distilled water and wet exterior and interiors. The car must forgo through powerful dryers by the end of the wash or different drying tools and pieces of equipment must be used to do the job.

  • No Blunders:

A professional car wash in Kissimmee would know what to avoid at all costs. For instance, showering the interior of the car with water must be avoided like a plague. An excellent car wash service in Kissimmee will make sure that they provide something extra, something that the customers would love and make their way back to them the next time their car needs a wash.

  • Customer Is Always Right:

Any car service in Kissimmee that follows this motto is definitely a keeper. The car belongs to the customers and anything they want, give it to them. To make your customers even a little happier, give them something compensatory, go an extra mile to impress them and see how their word of mouth will spread amongst the car lovers.

Types of car washes in Kissimmee:

There are many different types, methods and sources of getting your car cleaned and giving it a good car was at least once in two months. Let’s have a look at these different methods of washing cars:

  1. Express Exterior:

Express Exterior is all machine and equipment that need no human assistance–except for the person operating the conveyor. The car, as it enters the conveyor, goes through several automatic operations of the car wash. The first part triggers the cleaning fluids that get showered on the car, next comes brushes and bristles which give the car a good scrubbing. It is soon followed by a spray of clean water to wipe off the foam. Again the car undergoes several other cleaning procedures like cloth friction and ultimately s end with vacuuming. One the car is out of the drive, it is given a good wipe with a cloth and it’s done. Since express exterior does not require much labor, it is very cheap. It is also an enjoyable experience when you are sitting in the car with your friends and enjoying the experience.  Many car washes in Kissimmee use express exterior for cleaning cars.

  1. Blast:

This system of car wash comprises of a high-pressure washer that sprays a strong stream of water. Along with the water blast, the nozzles are also in a continuous motion and are built in different directions. When a car undergoes a splash of water which is not only very high-pressured but also spins rapidly in a different direction, the car gets a good wash. This pressurized water is able to reach every part of the car and scrub away all the grime and grunge. This type of car wash in Kissimmee turns a car squeaky clean.

  1. Self-service car wash:

Another method of a car wash in Kissimmee and quite a popular one is the self-service car wash. When we do not want feel like taking our car to a cleaning service or buying many cleaning equipment and fluid and wash the car in our own driveway, then self-service is your best chance to get a clean car. A self-service provides you a place and cleaning tools to wash the car for a small fee. The washing, however, will be done by the car owner. If you are lucky, the self-service might even provide you with a vacuum cleaner. So you get a chance to clean your car without investing is the supplies and neither getting your driveway all wet. It’s a win-win situation for all.

  1. Auto Detail:

In auto detailing, the car is washed by hand – just like we do it at home ourselves. Only difference is that this time, the car wash in Kissimmee is done by a highly professional washer. From start to finish, exterior and interior they’ll do every process by hands. People who are very careful about their cars’ paint job prefer Auto detail. The best thing about this car wash is that it reaches every single comer of the car where automated car washes cannot reach. It is relatively costly as compared to other types due to high labor costs.

Washing your car at home:

For most professionals, taking the car to a car wash in Kissimmee to have it washed, cleaned and dried within minutes is the preferred choice. Or, if you can spare the time, you and your family can make it a family fun activity by washing your car at home. Let’s have a look at the supplies that we’ll need for that.

  • Hose:

Though buckets work too, but the hose is one of the best methods to wet or wash your car at all once. While you are in the middle of the washing, do not allow the water droplets to dry or it will leave its imprint or residue behind. With a hose, you can easily achieve that. Just keep your car the entire time you are washing your car. Hose also allows us to have a good pressure of water.

  • Stiff brushes:

The next thing you will need are stiff brushes, not for the surface or exterior of the car but for cleaning the car mats and rugs. Even if you plan to wash the car mats, they should be brushed first with stiff brushes to lose all the dust and grime. Wash them after brushing soon followed by vacuum.

  • Non-Acid Tire Cleaner:

The tire is one of the dirtiest parts of the car which needs most attention and effort while cleaning. It is preferable to use a non-acid detergent of washing tires. The ones with the acid cause the alloy wheel to oxidize and might damage wheels in other ways.

  • Sponge:

One of the best kinds of car washes in Kissimmee could be given with your hands. All you need is a soapy sponge and you can get to work. Make use of that the sponge you use for your car is not stiff, had or scratchy or not it will ruin your car’s paint job. Use a clean sponge and cover every surface of your car.

  • Car Wash Detergent:

You can do car washes with any detergent you want. If you don’t have one or don’t want to invest in one then use a baby shampoo.

  • Fresh Towels for drying:

Once the car is given a good wash the last and the most important order of business is to dry it off completely. Any water residue left will dry up and leave its mark. So even if you have vacuumed to dry off the car, use fresh dry towels to wipe the car completely. This is also the point where you can apply wax on your car to protect the paint and avoid scratches.

What Not To Do When Getting Car Washes in Kissimmee:

Now that we know all about car cleaning supplies, methods and the qualities of a good car wash in Kissimmee, it’s time that we learn about things which can turn the whole ordeal of the car wash into a disaster. What are the things that we should avoid during car was? Read on, here’s your guide:

  • Scratching the Surface:

While it shouldn’t take a genius to figure this one out, some people still go all cannibalistic while cleaning their cars and take the concept of “scrubbing” a little too far. Using any kind of sharp object to get rid of a stubborn stain or spot on the car is the biggest mistake anyone could ever make. The paint job on a car is highly vulnerable and even one chipped off spot makes the whole car look ugly. So when you are doing a car wash in Kissimmee make sure to remove all sharp looking objects from the proximity of your car.

  • Towel Rubbing:

It’s true that clean and fresh towels should be used at the very end to dry off the car completely. However, by drying off, we mean lightly wiping the car. Unfortunately, most people start rubbing their car–almost aggressively–to clear all the left out water. Rubbing will from streaks in your car and your car will only end up looking even dirtier than it was before.

  • Interior Of The Car:

By car washes in Kissimmee, we always assume washing the exterior of the car, washing the car mats and that’s it. Most of us forget to clean the other parts of a car’s interior using a dry cloth dashboard, for instance or the glove compartment. All the little nooks and crannies, buttons along with steering wheel are also highly susceptible to accumulating dust and must not be forgotten.

  • Freshwater:

Most of us start our car wash in Kissimmee with our tires; there is nothing wrong with it. However, it is completely wrong to use the same water to wet the car’s exterior for initial washing. Tires, as mentioned earlier is the dirtiest part of the car and using the same dirty water on the car’s paint job will give you stains that will forever remain there.

  • Under the Sunlight:

Most of us make this mistake. When washing our cars we place it directly under the sun for thinking that will help dry off the car. Don’t do this. Situate your car in a cool and shady place for cleaning. You do not need your car to dry off in the middle of cleaning. The spray of water will dry off immediately in the sun and leave off stubborn marks and residue.

  • Spray Of Water:

If you are really washing your car then don’t just delicately spray it with water, in fact, use your high-pressured water to knock all the dirt, grime, and soapy residue at once. Spraying the water will leave unattended spot from places and you’ll never be able to clean the whole car at once.

Our car is our baby and the better we take care of it, the longer it will run. Other than our house, the car is the next most important necessity of our life and we use it daily and several times a day. It isn’t necessary that we give a complete wash to our car every week. Just make sure to get rid of all the dirt on the surface at least once a week and then take it for detailed car washes to a car wash service in Kissimmee once a month.




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