7 Myths of Waterless Car Wash in Kissimmee

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
waterless car wash

Are you skeptical about getting waterless car wash Kissimmee? Perhaps you paid heed to these common misconceptions.

Myth #1- Waterless Products Used for Kissimmee Car Wash Aren’t Eco-Friendly

A lot of people claim that the products used in waterless car wash in Kissimmee aren’t good for the environment because they contain chemicals that gets released into the environment. The truth is that that every car cleaning product has an environmental impact; however, it’s a myth that products of car wash are more dangerous. Think about the 20 to 30 gallons of water you save that is used for car wash Kissimmee. Now that’s environment-friendly.

Myth #2- Waterless Cleaners Are More Expensive Than Their Counterparts

This is far from truth. You use 25 plus gallons of water on a single car wash in Kissimmee so switching to the waterless method will help you in cutting the cost of the water bill. Other than this, you won’t have to invest in sponges, soaps, waxes, and polishes to make your car look clean.

Myth # 3- All Waterless Products Used For Kissimmee Car Wash Are the Same

Not all waterless products used in car wash Kissimmee are the same. Some come in bottles whereas others come in aerosol spray cans. Some of them are polish based whereas others are wax based. Some products can only be applied to painted surfaces, whereas others can be applied to both painted services and windows.

Myth #4- Waterless Car Washes and Quick Detailers Are the Same

It is not the same because quick detailers clean the car when it is slightly dusty and you don’t have the time to wash it. They don’t have much power and the maximum they can do is add shine to your car’s paint.

Myth #5- Waterless Car Washes Damage the Car’s Paint

This is a very common misconception that a lot of people have. The truth is that waterless cleaners in fact protect the vehicle’s paint by sealing it with a resistant coating. Use a product that has carnauba wax as they for sure don’t react with paint as it is a plant’s by-product.

Myth #6- Waterless Cleaners Used For Car Wash in Kissimmee Scratch the Car’s Surface

If you use it correctly, then waterless cleaners will not scratch the car’s surface. There are certain tips that you need to follow such as using a terry cloth to wipe the surface and to avoid rubbing the surface rigorously. One should use light circular motions to remove the dirt. Make sure that the formula has lubricants that allow the particles to smoothly slide off. If your vehicle is too dirty then rinse it before washing it with the waterless formula.

Myth #7- One Can Only Use Waterless Detailing Products In-Between Detailing and For Pre-treatment

This is not true, as waterless car washing’s aim is to replace the traditional method. You shouldn’t use it on vehicle that have too much mud or sand on them, but it can be used on scuff marks, dirt, sap and tar. If your car is really dirty then let the formula soak before wiping it off. Do this and your entire procedure of car wash in Kissimmee will go smoothly.

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