Working With Chemicals in a Car Wash Kissimmee

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020

One is bound to encounter chemicals in the Kissimmee car wash business that claim to offer thorough and effective cleaning. Car wash owners who use modern technological processes especially make use of chemical products for more accurate, reliable, and fast car wash.

Chemicals in a Car Wash Service

The type of equipment and car wash service offered determines the chemicals that it will use. For example, pre-soak cleaning agents are more neutral in brush machines than the alkaline ones used in touchfree automatic machines.

Wax, high-pressure soap, foam brush, pre-soak, tire and engine cleaner mostly require specific chemicals for best use.

Washed Off Chemicals

Most of the toxicity in car wash water comes from pollutants on the cars only. These include zinc on tires and brakes, lead on brake linings and tires, degreasing agents and other detergents used to clean vehicles. Even biodegradable soaps have the same impact of polluting and altering the aquatic ecosystem.

Car washes, which release alarming rates of chemicals and other metals, can be termed hazardous. Some of the solutions for these problems can be to borrow water filtration equipment from the government, avoid phosphates and nitrates, or to avoid using soaps at all while washing.

While using chemicals to provide quality services to their customers, car wash Kissimmee takes precautions while working with them.

Maintaining Temperature:

A lot of chemicals needed for cleaning cars need warm temperatures as their optimized working condition. Temperature also affects their reactivity properties and should be kept in a secluded part of the car wash.

Maintaining pH:

To keep the cleaning danger-free, another important issue to deal with is the pH. Having one’s own pH meter can help keep it in control – if it is too high, instead of high-alkaline product cleaners, other safe acid products can be used.

Diluting Chemicals:

Although it appears to appeal to many employees, it is too risky to dilute chemical products manually. Regularly checking the settings of the chemical feed pump and flow meters enables efficient performance and let the professionals know their chemical usage for each vehicle on average.

Water Purification:

Water that is full of chemical elements such as aluminum, sulfur, calcium, and copper tends to leave marks on a car’s exterior. It is better to install a water purification system to avoid using a higher percentage of chemicals in cleaning the cars of customers.


With respect to the customer needs and expectations at the time of using a car wash, all products that have chemicals are tested by qualified professionals. The waxes, powders, and polishes, that have been recommended safe to use, are bought from trusted sources only.

Car wash at Kissimmee considers what is best for its customers and provides the ideal products and services for them that they too are comfortable with. The quality of washing is in no way compromised nor is the standardized specification for environment protection.

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