Having an Amazing Waterless Hand Car Wash in Kissimmee

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
eco-friendly Waterless Hand Car Wash

The Waterless Hand Car Wash is an amazing thing! Whether you wish to save up on the natural resource or whether it’s just because you are in a hurry for an important meeting, it’s possible to give your car a good clear scrub without water to save a lot of time, money, and hassle while making it appear clean and shiny.

Kissimmee Hand Car Wash: How Does It Work?

Hand car wash in Kissimmee, where each customer is a priority, is the ultimate place to get your car cleaned and waxed by professionals who will treat it with special care and attention so as not to spoil it. Waterless, non-toxic, organic/biodegradable, free of artificial scents and dyes, these products are hand-applied by the labor available.

Using a spray bottle for rinse-less washes products (wax, lubricating agents for exterior, shiner for tires, cleaning agents for interior), and a fine, polyester microfiber cloth to gently rub it dry in circular motion, helps give an excellent finish to your car wash without scratching or otherwise damaging it.

The products accumulate the dirt into balls for easy wipe-off and with their hard shine tend to make it difficult for dust to stick again. By eliminating chemicals, the waterless hand car wash service helps maintain the eco-friendly standard in addition to saving water and electricity consumption.

Kissimmee Hand Car Wash Service

Apart from the services at workshops, Kissimmee’s hand car wash also operates as a mobile system. Because this type does not need any drainage, cleaning a customer’s car can be done without having to move the vehicle from its original parking position. This means that people now have the advantage of carrying out their activities like shopping and have their cars detailed during that idle time.

Kissimmee Hand Car Wash Tips & Tricks

Some tricks for a green car wash are:

  1. You can skip to cleaning the surface marks that are the most obvious, usually on hood, rear bumper, trunk, windshield, and rearview and side mirrors.
  2. It’s always a good thing to let the cleaner sit on for some minutes to allow them to loosen up.
  3. Applying denatured alcohol will assist in tar and sap removal.
  4. Clean the top edge first before cleaning the remainder of windows.
  5. Vacuum using a crevice tool and let odor-absorbing dry baking soda sit on the seats 30-120 minutes before vacuuming it too; when you don’t have enough time or are short on a vacuum, just shake out the floor mats (working on anchors if it’s attached) and take out the trash yourself.
  6. Wax should be applied to the car in shade and only a small section at a time should be handled.

Kissimmee Waterless Hand Car Wash Benefits

The waterless hand car wash is reliable to be used anytime and anywhere. It guarantees protection to the car’s exterior from scratches, grease, dirt marks and rusting in the long time. A lot of people who used it have found the service to be effective and lasting longer than a regular car wash. Moreover, a waterless hand car wash is an excellent opportunity for people who are allergic to chemicals used in a regular car wash. Most importantly, it saves up on money since there is no extra infrastructure required.

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