Types of Kissimmee Car Wash Services

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
Kissimmee Car Wash

A complete Kissimmee car wash service aims to clean the car inside out, while checking fluid levels and pressures of tires for their customers.

Different areas have different demands while opting for a car wash. Considering the market trends and to maintain their position in this billion-dollar industry, car wash Kissimmee have to be super-alert in offering these different types of services.

Tunnel System Kissimmee Car Wash

Selecting this type of Kissimmee car wash can mean a thorough and perfect-quality car wash for you. There are three types of tunnel systems – full-serve tunnels, express exterior tunnel, and flex-serve tunnel.


The driver takes the car to the tunnel and let the conveyer system steer it forward steadily while it is rinsed with sprayers, applied with soap, and then cleaned with a series of brushes. It can also include the service to clean underneath the car. At the end, there is a powerful fan to dry the car.


It is time-saving as more than the car can be washed together in a single tunnel, and it takes only 5-10 minutes to wash a single car. The equipment is up-to-date and requires no human labor to completely and effectively clean and dry your car.


It’s the most expensive one of all types. There are chances that it leaves some water spots or dirt at the end. The brushes are not compatible to clean all types of car and may leave a scratch on yours. Also, there may be breakdowns in a wash tunnel.

In-Bay Automatic Car Wash Kissimmee

It is mostly seen at gas stations and is the most popular type of Kissimmee Car Wash among car owners. It can either be friction-style, touchless, or both.


In this type, once the wash has been selected, the automatics roll over a stationary car to wash it.


It is quick and simple to handle. Also, with no brushes applied during cleaning, there is no risk of damaging and scratching the car’s exterior.


Since it is not detailed, the cleaning will not be quite up to the mark. There is also the risk of the tunnels breaking down and your car getting stuck there.

Self Service Kissimmee Car Wash

Many car wash Kissimmee systems still include this type of car wash service. It does not need much equipment and the cost is managed with respect to the number of bays in that system.


It is a manual process where the car owners themselves wash their cars, paying only for the space, soap, brushes, and water. Other features include hand dry blowers, vacuum cleaners, tire-brush, tire inflation, wax, glass cleaner, bug-off etc.


It is cheap. You can wash your car the way you like especially if you don’t like anyone else to handle it or it does not fit in another car wash facility. If you don’t have the supplies for a Kissimmee car wash or the space needed, then this car wash becomes the ideal one for you. Moreover, people tend to use this service to wash other items too like boat and lawn furniture.


A lot of people avail this service even now and so there are chances of being held up for a long time before your turn comes up. Also, it is time-consuming on your part.

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