Amazing Tunnel Car Wash Kissimmee – Full-Serve, Express Exterior, & Flex-Serve

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
tunnel car wash

Tunnel car wash at Kissimmee

…is an option known for its effective and thorough cleansing of the car in a time-effective fashion. However, not everyone opting for this service is aware of the type of tunnel most suitable for their cars, and usually drive-in to what the owner has managed to keep the business in advantage for himself.

In a regular tunnel wash, a car is passed onto a conveyor and goes through a series of wash processes before being dried at the end of the belt. The speed of the tunnel is determined by the equipment used and the length of its bay.

The tunnel car wash can be categorized into full-serve, express exterior, and flex-serve tunnels.

Full-Serve Tunnels

After selecting the services they would like to have, customers are asked to leave their cars and go to the waiting area while the professionals handle their car as its exterior and interior is being dusted and washed. The waiting room is designed and maintained like a convenience store for customers to browse through.

The full-serve tunnel car wash type includes extra services like car detailing and repairs, and requires, on average, 14 employees to handle it.

They are constructed in a commercial area so as to lure in customers. Since a high investment has been used in its set-up and for its maintenance, it is usually expensive, but it is worth the money.

Express Exterior Tunnels

The customer can stay in their car while it is being washed. The express exterior tunnels are assembled to provide exterior cleaning to a car. However, some stations tend to include free vacuums at the end of the tunnel conveyer while others like wheel cleaning, tire shine may be provided in the tunnel only. On an average of 4 employees, it requires less labor to be managed.

People who want just the exterior cleaned opt for this tunnel because it is convenient and hardly time-consuming as well as less costly.

Flex-Serve Tunnels

Merging both the tunnel styles into one, this tunnel car wash is customized to be flexible. An option for interior cleaning is added in the tunnel designed for exterior cleaning so that if the customer chooses interior services along with detailing, they will proceed in their cars only from the tunnel to an area where they hand it over to employees who vacuum it. Others who require only the exterior wash can go to an area where they themselves can vacuum their car.

It is difficult to manage and requires more labor for an express exterior wash. There may or may not be a service advisor hired to greet and guide them as to the car wash services.

The advantage of flex-serve is that it offers the complete package of a full-service tunnel but at the reduced cost and time consumption of the express exterior ones.

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