The Magic Wands & Brushes of Car Wash

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020

Although wands and brushes make self-service car wash appealing even in these times, they are increasingly becoming a popular part of many full-serve and flex-serve tunnels for pre-soak and wash preparation processes.

For a car wash owner, the basic items included for self service are designed simply, and require easy installation. Since they are made from durable stainless steel, they are also cost-effective and can be used often. They also have the advantage of being available in different color schemes.

The Wand Feature

A wand in a car wash is a high-pressure sprayer accessory used for cleaning the vehicle. They can be used without difficulty, save time, are safe to use, and manage to remove grime and dirt specks efficiently while protecting the exterior finish. They are usually stored in stainless steel wand holders to protect them and keep them away from the ground, not exposing their sharp edges.

Coming along with a plastic tip protector that’s both durable and non-marring, flex wands make cleaning hard-to-reach areas like undercarriages easy and reliable, allowing you to keep the painted surfaces safe. Despite their seemingly ambiguous appearance, they have a PU protective tube and do not wobble under pressure.

Depending upon the model of your car, the space available, and the compatibility that you can manage comfortably with its molded fore grip, you can select any wand of your desired length as well as its outlet and inlet points.

It is generally advised to keep up your safety precautions when dealing with steel wands as they are used with caustic chemicals to make them rust-proof.

Being familiar with the spray nozzle that’s attached to it and knowing the stage of your car wash can help you spray and rinse the right way. The swivel is there to give the user secure handling and freedom of movement when they use it to spray.


Clean the foam brush first to avoid it leaving scratches on your beloved possession. A lot of brushes come with a soap feed attached to them. It is also in your best interest that you keep wiping the soap lather simultaneously while working with the brush in a top-down fashion and achieving the perfect car surface.

They, too, are stainless steel in nature and allow a gentle cleansing for your car with their superior-quality natural bristles. Ranging from four different materials (Hog’s hair, cloth, nylon, and foam) and coming in different shapes (round, rectangular, and wobble-headed) and sizes the brushes add to the effectiveness of a carwash.

They are designed to cater to individual needs and car make. The brushes are usually available with a snap-lock aspect to make them easy to remove and apply quickly during the wash process.

Car wash in Kissimmee have included wand bays to make it possible for all customers to keep their transports sparkling clean with specific attention given to items that are overlooked in automatic tunnels.

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