Kissimmee Car Detailing Professional Tips and Secrets

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
car detailing

Professional car detailing in Kissimmee is not a secret anymore. With almost all the secrets unveiled, you can choose to spend from $100 to $500 for professional car detailing or do it on your own. But there still are some untold secrets by professionals which can make your process of car detailing in Kissimmee a piece of cake. Here they are.

1.     Choose Microfiber for Detailing

The professional car detailers use microfibers that are not only color coded but also have specially designed thickness and fiber type for completing specific tasks. For efficient car detailing in Kissimmee along with the perks of lower friction, reduced scratching, easier washing and improved efficiency, use very little detergent for washing. For longer life of rugs and covers, avoid using fabric softener.

2.     Use Buffer and Towel with Technique

The professional services for car detailing in Kissimmee include technical use of buffer and towel. A majority of the unprofessional detailers use buffer to remove the wax from painted areas. For improved car detailing in Kissimmee, use buffer to apply wax on the painted surfaces and towel to remove the wax. Make sure that the towel is completely dry and have soft fabric so that the residues of wax do not ruin the final finish of your car.

3.     Check Paint with Plastic Grocery Bag

For perfectly detailing your car, the trick is to completely cover the surfaces with wax and then start the process of detailing. In order to perfect the job of car detailing in Kissimmee, clean the car with soft fabric towel and leave it to dry. Once it is dry, put your hand in a plastic grocery bag and run it all over the car surface. Any scratches or imperfections left on the car surface will become visible to be detailed again.

4.     Dry Glass Horizontally and Vertically

The streaks on the glass are often left visible due to a common mistake. People either leave the glass to sun-dry or clean it from one side only. The professional secret of car detailing in Kissimmee to perfectly remove the streaks is to wipe off the glass in horizontal direction from the inner side and in vertical direction from the outer side. Any leftover streaks will become visible within a few minutes.

5.     Don’t Look towards the Headliner

We know that the headliner fabric calls and attracts you to clean it but even a little harm to it can cause total failure and bigger expense than paying for professional service of car detailing in Kissimmee. Complete the car detailing job including brushing, scrubbing, waxing and washing on parts other than the headliner. Finally, use very little moisture to clean the headliner and leave it to air-dry.

For hiring professional services of car detailing in Kissimmee, visit the service station and look into the mechanism of their detailing. Also, check the process in the light of given professional secrets to save your vehicle for good.

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