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by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
Kissimmee Car Detailing

Maintaining the beauty and function of your car roof is part of Kissimmee car detailing. Having a clean interior as well as exterior makes your car qualify to being a neat and attractive ride.

Kissimmee Car Detailing Tip 1 – The Interior

Car detailing Kissimmee begins with cleaning the interior first. Working from the front to the back of the vehicle, it is ensured that no extra marks from clothing or mud from feet is added to damage it.

The ceiling of an automobile, also called a headliner, is subject to the passengers’ hair, hands, skin, and other objects that may prove to be harmful for it. Getting your Kissimmee car detailing would mean cleaning it while safely maintaining its glue and lamination.

The first step is to use a microfiber cloth to let loose all the dirt, dust, and grime from the fabric. The direction that the gentle rubbing is carried on in is parallel to that of its grain. Next, after an upholstery cleaner or shampoo that’s safe and matches with the fabric material is sprayed across the total surface area to remove spots and any dirt or grime still attached to it, the ceiling is rubbed with a microfiber cloth again. An air freshener sprayed lightly completes the task by getting rid of any offensive smells such as cigarette smoke from the surface.

Check the following!

It is important to note that the roof lining does not get wet as it will leave permanent water marks.

Make sure that the upholstery cleaner is used to clean a small section first to test its compatibility.

Also, a vacuum should never be used to clean the ceiling nor should the freshener used saturate the fabric so much that the glue and lamination are at stake.

Kissimmee Car Detailing Tip 2 – The Exterior

The entire roof section of the exterior body is washed with lather using a sponge or a wash mitt in scrubbing circles, moving row by row.  Ensure that the dirty water is taken out of the sponge in between by rinsing it in clear water. Excess soap should be sprayed off once the top is clean. Dry it off in the end with a chamois or towel dragged along the surface area. Have the roof polished and waxed with effective products that are recommended for your car.

Kissimmee Car Detailing Tip 3 – Convertible Tops

Whether it’s a vinyl top or a fabric one, car detailing in Kissimmee services can get you the best of offers in town. Protecting a convertible top should be the owner’s top most priority as the damage cannot be undone later.

A vinyl top requires regular cleaning – weekly washes with shampoo and once a month with a top cleaner and top protectant. A gentle shampoo and a brush with feathered bristles can go a long way to keep it dirt-free. Make it your duty to have it cleaned by professionals with a cleaner every month to remove stubborn stains and slow down augmentation of mildew over it. The techniques is to get the top wet first before using the cleaner, and once it’s scrubbed, to rinse it thoroughly. The use of vinyl protectant helps retain the texture and quality in brand-new condition by keeping it safe from UV penetration and other environmental pollutants. Unnecessarily using gloss shampoos is a waste of time and energy as well as your money for a convertible top.

A fabric top can be treated the same manner apart from the fact that the cleaner should specifically be related. A moderate stiff brush can help along the process by lifting off the dirt from the area. Although the fabric tops are able to repel water initially, it is best to keep it safe from excessive wear and tear from the environment and apply protectant every month when it’s dried.

The windows of the tops should be treated with a cleaner and a protectant to keep it clear and minimize the risk of scratches.

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