Amazing Kissimmee Car Detailing – Detailing the Undercarriage and Engine

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
Kissimmee Car Detailing

Car owners who love their cars can use Kissimmee Car Detailing to ensure better care of their automobiles, and many don’t know the techniques to take are of the undercarriage and engine.

Kissimmee Car Detailing Tip 1: Undercarriage

Having it appropriately popped up on jack stands or ramps and having removed its wheels, detailing the undercarriage is an important safety measure for all drivers. Our car detailing in Kissimmee professionals know that the undercarriage does not comprise of sensitive components. Nevertheless, it is better to make sure that cleaners that have petroleum are avoided at all costs as they will minimize the life of components like seals, bushings, and hoses. Instead, detergents and citrus-based cleaners should be used multiple times in sitting along with different brushes to clean.

Our Kissimmee car detailing use the following technique.  Starting low and moving upwards, the first step is to apply a degreaser to the area and let it be for a few minutes. The staff is trained to continue with brushes and lathered water to remove maximum grime and dirt before washing it all away. Some time is allowed to pass to let it dry before the areas that are still dirty are washed again in a similar fashion.

Professional Kissimmee car detailing experts recognize that like its other parts, the undercarriage of a car needs to be protected with a heavy wax coating to prevent corrosion and deterioration and keep the dirt at bay. Since traditional dressings for the plastic and rubber is not suitable for these parts, spray-on products that are also tough guards are preferred for their satin finishes.

Kissimmee Car Detailing Tip 2: Engine

Engine detailing is time-taking but a well-maintained engine compartment only increases the car’s worth and functioning. The heat inside the place calls for a more frequent cleaning than is generally given.

Once it’s allowed to cool down, the detailing begins with the degreasing step and typically works from the underside of the hood to the engine. Once the degreaser is applied and allowed some time to wear off the grime, it is rinsed off completely. Next, the engine itself is to be cleaned this way. For areas that are tough to reach or heavily soiled, a parts cleaning brush is used for successful results.

The surface is then sprayed and wiped with a microfiber cloth to neutralize it so that the conditioner can be absorbed by the plastic and rubber.

A rise in temperature makes plastic and rubber dry out, fracture and fade which also affects the plastic panels, the tubing and the wire casings therefore, detailing of the engine also involves using a quality conditioner with the help of a foam applicator and a parts brush to protect the rubber, vinyl or plastic.  The conditioner is used as a substitute of a dressing. Moreover, if your engine is covered with plastic paneling, you can be assured that the plastic/rubber underneath these panels will also get their share of conditioner. Appearance of a dark color indicates that there is no need to repeat the process.

At car detailing in Kissimmee, you get the benefit of providing due care to stuff like the wheel wells, frame rails and suspension parts under your car and to the mechanism under your car hood.

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