How Much Does a Hand Car Wash Cost?

by Esteban   |   May 5, 2020
hand car wash

How Much Does a Hand Car Wash Cost?

Getting your car washed by professionals is a great way to ensure that the really dirty areas of your vehicle also get the TLC they deserve. The end result is a sparkling vehicle with minimum effort from your side!

Here, it is pertinent to note that automated commercial car washing services usually tend to use abrasive materials to clean your car. However, they can also scratch or even damage your precious vehicle’s paint job. In this case, opting to go for a professional car washing service will help you make good and sure that your vehicle and its paint job always remain in excellent condition.

This is not really possible at an automatic car washing and service outlet because the machines use tough-bristled brushes and there are hardly any customization options. Apart from that, a fully automated foaming brush churning at very high speed can also easily collect debris in its bristles. These bristles have the potential to scratch the glossy surface of your vehicle.

This is why hiring the real true blue professionals in this field is such a great idea. They will take their time to try and focus on the really dirty parts of your car. Apart from that, hiring a professional hand washing outfit will also give you the opportunity to observe the exercise up close and personal. This way, you will know how to clean your car very safely and without causing any sort of damage to its external finish.

Unfortunately, most automobile service centers tend to use very powerful and pressurized streams of water in order to clean the engine and the area around it.  This is not a very safe approach because once the water gets into the fragile digital components of your vehicle, it can cause considerable damage.

Water clogged electronic components can easily short circuit and you will have to tow your vehicle to the nearest auto workshop. The resulting hefty bills can easily be avoided if you hire professional hand car washing experts who know how to do the job with the care and delicacy that your car deserves. This is what they will do before they start washing your car:

They Will Thoroughly Check the External and Internal Condition of Your Car

Before starting a cleaning operation it is very important to figure out just which parts are the dirtiest and demand the most attention.  The car washing experts will come over in the morning and check it out in broad daylight so that they will be able to best evaluate its condition. They will make a note of the problem areas as well as everything that has to be done on a priority basis.

After that, they will close the doors and check the windows so that water does not get inside the vehicle’s cabin.

Once your car has been prepped up and everything is ready they will get to work to wash your car and make it look as good as new.

How Much Does a Hand Car Wash Cost?

The answer to this question lies in the total amount of work you want to put into your car. The various service providers will charge you on the basis of the type of work that you want to be done.

o   Basic Car Wash

As the very term implies, this includes a simple wash without any of the bells and whistles. First, your friendly neighborhood car wash service provider will use the power washers they bring with them to remove the exterior dirt and grime. After that, they will use car shampoo and mix it with water to create a non-abrasive washing solution. Once it is foaming nicely they will apply it all over your car and let it soak for a few minutes.

They will gently but methodically scrub your vehicle using multiple brushes and towels for the purpose. After that, they will wash it away and wipe your car down with a soft microfiber cloth or soft brushes. They might also include an undercarriage wash in this package so that the undercarriage is also as squeaky clean as the exterior body of your vehicle. They might include a liquid wax application for an additional amount of money.

If you were to go to a service station you can expect to pay around $5-7 for a simple wash and another couple of dollars for an undercarriage wash. If you want it done at home by hand, the same charges can go up to a minimum of $25 or so.

If you add in wax treatments and other protectants you may expect to pay up to $ 40 to $50 or so for the whole package. In this case, auto detailing services will not be included in the package. Apart from that, you will have to take care of the interior cleaning and vacuuming of your vehicle on your own. This kind of hand car wash service does not include seat removal and vent cleaning services.

o   Full-Service Hand Car Wash

This type of hand car wash package includes basic interior cleaning along with the exterior and undercarriage wash. A full-service hand car wash typically includes the application of protectant as well as vigorous hand drying (towel drying) of your car.

This car wash includes just about everything found in any premium express wash package such as top quality wax, multiple layers of extra protectants for the external body of the car, and various other add-ons.

Apart from that, the professional hand car washing experts will also include at least some form of an interior dashboard and door treatment along with interior vacuuming. Some of the more common services found in this advanced package include the following:

  • Full car wash and wax
  • Thorough vacuuming of the interior
  • Washing and drying the interior floor mats
  • Cleaning and dusting the doors, dashboard and the windows
  • Application of an advanced ultraviolet (UV) protectant to the exterior and interior surfaces
  • Application of wax, polish, and dressing to the tires and the wheels of your car
  • Deep cleaning the door jams
  • Adding your choice of car perfume to the interior of your vehicle

The nominal cost range for these services varies as per the service providers. If you get this kind of cleaning treatment from an automatic car wash you should expect to pay from $15 to $35. This figure depends on the type of services you have selected, as well as the number of protectants used.

You should expect to pay around $30 to $65 for the service If you want a hand car washing professional outfit to do the job at your home. The rates also depend a lot on the size of the vehicle. The cost of washing a small hatchback will be much less than the cost of washing a sedan. Here, a large sports utility vehicle (SUV) will be more expensive than any sedan or hatchback.  The additional charges can easily range from $10 to $35 depending on the type of vehicle.

o   Detailing Your Automobile

All car detailing services are individually performed by hand only. They include everything from light interior cleaning to deep cleaning of your vehicle. Some of the more important detailing services include the following:

  • External hand car washing and waxing
  • Performing all sorts of light oxidation as well as scratch removal
  • Spot cleaning the headliners of your car
  • Cleaning the windows both inside and outside
  • Shampooing and deodorizing the rugs, carpeting, and floor-mats
  • Removing the seats and the carpeting to clean the bottom layers of the car
  • Deep cleaning the seat by washing them by hand with special car seat cleaners
  • Cleaning and dressing the dashboard, the doors, and the console
  • Deep cleaning and dressing of the tires and their white walls
  • Cleaning, buffing and shining all chrome surfaces
  • Cleaning and waxing the wheel covers, hubs and wheels
  • Cleaning and dressing the vinyl surfaces as well as rubber and plastic components
  • Cleaning and shampooing the trunk
  • Dusting and cleaning the air vents
  • Adding a fragrance of your choice to the squeaky clean interior of your vehicle

The average price range for this level of detailing service starts at $85 or so, for a small car or an openCJ7 or Wrangler jeep. The basic detailing package includes a hand car wash and waxing of your car, leather conditioning (if applicable), and full floor-mat and carpet shampoo.

However, as you go on adding services the costs will keep increasing and can go up to $220 for a small car or Jeep. Larger vehicles can easily cost from $30 to $100 more for the same package.

Now, that you have an idea of the basic costs of your hand car wash you can select the best amongst the rest.

Hand car wash cost

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