Hosting an Amazing Hand Car Wash Fundraiser

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
Hand Car Wash

Kissimmee Car wash fundraisers are perfect activities that bring alive a neighborhood and where young and old alike enjoy. Hand car wash in Kissimmee are unique events that make the whole experience a memorable one.

The most important factor that makes them successful is the location of the car wash itself. A lot of traffic would mean a lot of business for the event. Also, properly publicizing invitations generally directs more people and help generate funds.

The car wash in Kissimmee have huge areas available to allow at least two cars to go through the wash at a single time. The places are fully equipped with cleaning products and hoses long enough to go around each car. The length of the hose is particularly important to manage so that it will not be ruined by having people step on it. Supplies for a hand wash fundraiser includes soap/shampoo, towels, chamois, sponges, buckets, squeegees, water hose, clothesline, and window cleaners apart from items such as whistles and clip boards to maintain the record and communication.

The Process of Hand Car Wash

Following a top-down approach, dust and grime are rinsed and cleaned off the car using sponges in wide circular movements over the shampoo applied. After that it is rinsed, dried and polished.

Since vacuuming needs extra care and is time consuming, it is generally done after the Kissimmee hand car wash and in a separate area that has an electrical outlet. It will also add a carpet brush and carpet spot remover along with vacuums to the list of supplies afore-mentioned.

Once the car is cleaned, the car owners are then guided by volunteers to a drying area set up at a distance so as not to hinder the washing process and drive away potential customers.

Ideally the exterior washing and rinsing, cleaning the windows and tires, and drying off will have a fixed price for one set of services while additional charges will be levied against interior vacuuming.

Waterless Car Wash Fundraiser

When the aim is to serve the community and in places where water restrictions forbid this practice, waterless car wash are instant hits. Hand Car wash in Kissimmee responsibly hold waterless fundraisers that also help avoid the mess of soap, water and toxic runoffs.

Bikini Car Wash Kissimmee

It is not uncommon to have bikini car wash Kissimmee to attract more customers to be donors to the fundraiser.


Donation cards, coupons to a local fast food restaurant, and activities like hot dog sales, bake sales, handing out popcorn, drinks and coffee or organizing a pancake breakfast also interest customers and keeps the money flowing.

When volunteers become a part of a fundraiser car alongside professionals, they require supervision as well as a relaxed environment for them to enjoy the task and achieve maximum productivity. The workers are organized and assigned with individual jobs. Boosting and keeping up the energy level is done with entertainment music playing on loudspeakers and getting the customers to compliment directly into a megaphone for everyone to hear.


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