Hand Car Wash in Kissimmee

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
Hand Car Wash in Kissimmee

The hand car wash in Kissimmee has become an integral part of the customers’ lifestyles. The dedication and detailed care with which they handle cars is unrivaled.

Top quality services, and that too at reasonable prices, is what make hand car wash in Kissimmee such a favorite option. Every car deserves its rider’s attention to keep it sparkling clean all the time.

The blog aims to equip readers with easy DIY steps for a similar quality hand car wash in Kissimmee.

Hand Car Wash – What Does It Include?

An exterior car wash would ideally include the following steps:

The first step is to clean the wheels so that if any brake dust settles on the body paint, it will be cleaned when you wash the body. The process is not as difficult as it may look like. The tires are scrubbed in a circular motion movement to remove large debris and grime after which a non-caustic wheel cleaner is sprayed on their surface.

The area between spokes and around long nuts can be cleaned using a wheel sponge and a smaller scrub brush can be used to get behind the spokes without scratching.

At hand car wash in Kissimmee  we know that It is important for you to make sure that each tire and wheel is washed and rinsed thoroughly before you jump to the next one.

Dividing the car into segments (front, back, two sides, roof), you should then proceed to wash each area without allowing water spots and streaks to dry on the surface. Long strokes and a top-down movement of the wash pad is preferred as it allows to take the dirt off the car.

It is essential that the wash pad and the water is clean for your next section. One option to use is Grit Guard that sits at the bottom of the bucket and allows contaminated particles to settle down.

Once the entire car is washed with lather that is rich in lubricants and does not remove wax, you should rinse it completely with free-flowing water before allowing it to dry.

Also, our hand car wash in Kissimmee  professionals know that the car needs a perfect cleansing of its windows with a microfiber glass cloth and an automotive glass cleaner to be ready for you to drive.

The car should then be dried in a similar section-by-section and top-down manner. To avoid streaks and water in crack and crevices of your car, you should use pressurized air canisters to help you dry it.

Next, condition your tires with a foam tire conditioner applicator, moving it in a circular motion, and removing the excess with a microfiber cloth.

Last but not the least, a spray wax can be used to enhance the car shine.

What You Should Avoid

Even if you are not a car-freak, you would still not prefer having to drive an automobile that has scratches or still appears to have dirt on it even after a wash. As a rule, soft sponges and mitts should be used to avoid spoiling your drive.

Improper techniques can create more problems for your car and end up costing you extra as well. For the best results, especially if you don’t have enough time to spare, you can always avail the hand car wash in Kissimmee.

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