Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020

Car detailing at Kissimmee is all about giving its customers the best services the whole year round, and winter is no different. This blog focuses on winter detailing because the harsh climate and all the sand, gravel, cinders, salt and oil can make it hard for your car to survive the brutal months.

The Car Exterior

If you allow corrosive elements to stick to your car for a long time, you are likely to end up with a deteriorated exterior as they corrode the wax layer on painted surfaces. A coat of wax or paint sealant is usually applied to any place where moisture can be trapped.

However, these coats can get tarnished over time. A high-quality paint sealant works as a protective barrier to your car by shielding it against water, salt, and chemicals for at least 5 months. It also makes car washing easy during winters.

Kissimmee car detailing services prepare your four-wheeler to be clean and ready-to-use during the season. The ideal car wash is the automatic brushless type as it does not leave any swirl marks after removing salt, snow, ice and dirt. However, this too tends to have strong detergents and puts your car’s protection at stake if you don’t go for a quality sealant during car detailing, especially if you are using it to drive on a daily-basis.

On the other hand, a hand car wash during winter is suitable to ensure that the salt and brake dust are removed from fenders and quarter panels. The tires and wheels should be scrubbed thoroughly with an extra-strength wheel cleaner, dried with a clean terrycloth towel, have a coat of high quality paint sealant applied, and finished with tire dressing.

A disadvantage to car wash during winters, however, is that doors, convertible tops, and locks end up freezing.

When you are having your car detailed, it is imperative that you check the wash fluid and include a wash booster while inspecting the windshield wipers of your transport. Battery check and replacements, and changing the oil and filters are also important points to consider. With respect to tires, always remember to have the pressure checked and it is also in your best interest if you get snow tires for your drive in winter.


  1. Clean your car as often as possible
  2. Use a heating element or microfiber towel and using a top-down approach remove the snow from the painted surfaces. Avoid removing snow from your car with a scrapper or brush.
  3. Wax your car with a durable car wax prior to the season.

The Car Interior

The temperature is just as harmful for rubber/leather seats too that become stiff and dry. With car wash at Kissimmee, you can have all the benefits of carpet and mat soil extraction while maintaining fabric protection, interior spruce-ups, interior ozone freshening etc.

With these services and a safe driving style, you can have the best ride in town during winter.

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