Wax or Ceramic Coating: Which Will Protect Your Paint Best?

by Esteban   |   July 21, 2021
ceramic coating or wax

Are you keen on making the paint on your vehicle look its best for as long as possible? Do you have a beautiful show car with a killer paint job that deserves the best protection money can buy?

If you’re interested in protecting your car, you’ve likely heard of both wax and ceramic coatings. You may be wondering: which is better?

There are perfectly good reasons to choose either wax or ceramic coating. Let us explore these reasons below.


ceramic coating or wax


Old-School and Modern Technology

“Back in the day”, car wax was the de-facto standard for protecting your car’s paint job. The most highly-regarded wax used was Carnauba wax, and it is still considered one of the best even today. Derived from the waxy leaves of the carnauba palm tree, it produces a deep glossy shine when applied to a car and naturally protects the paint from UV light. It is still often used on show cars to bring out the paint’s best shine. There are plenty of reasons to put a wax finish on your car.

However, new ceramic protective products are available that are easier to apply than Carnauba wax and last much longer.

Ceramic coatings are a remarkable modern way to protect your car. They are largely derived from silicon and quartz and achieve a level of protection previously unheard of by making your car’s surfaces hydrophobic, or water-repellant. They also protect your car from UV light, chemical etching, and excess heat. Check out our article on the reasons to get a ceramic coating on your car.

Wax and ceramic coatings have some shared advantages. For example, both can be applied over paint protection film (PPF) to give extra protection and beauty to your car. Florida’s weather can be hard on a car, and to anyone using PPF to protect their car from harsh weather and hailstones, this versatility in paint protection is quite valuable.

Benefits of Wax Coatings

Just because there are new technologies available does not make wax a bad choice for your car. There are many circumstances where using wax is the better option.

Wax is an inexpensive way to protect your car, especially if you apply it yourself. A good wax can cost as little as $10. Check out the top 10 car waxes of 2021 to get an idea of what is available in different price ranges. A wax coating can protect your car for up to 3 months, depending on the weather. The coating can last even longer if the car is regularly kept in a garage.

If you have a classic car, wax is likely to be your best choice. Newer coating technologies are much more difficult to remove and often require polishing down the car’s paint to completely clear them when it’s time to refresh the coating. Classic cars often have thinning paint due to their age, making such polishing less desirable. Car wax comes off easily with a good detergent, making it a great plus for those trying to preserve their classic car’s original look.

Personal preference is also an important factor to consider. If caring for your car is your hobby, and you prefer a good old-fashioned wax finish to make your car shine, rock on!

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating is a tough, long-lasting protective coating for your car. If properly applied, it can last for years.

One of the big draws of ceramic coating is the protection from UV light it provides. Using a ceramic coating will keep your car’s paint looking like new. In addition to UV protection, ceramic coatings provide protection for your paint from scratches and heat.

Ceramic coatings also create a chemical bond with your car’s paint. This is what makes it so long-lasting, as it doesn’t sit on top of the paint where it can be weathered away. Check out our article on the life expectancy of ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating can be applied to virtually all surfaces of your car, from plastic trim to the windshield itself! It is a versatile coating that can protect more than just your car’s paint.

Because it is smooth and hydrophobic, ceramic coatings resist dirt that would otherwise stick to your paint. Not only does it help keep your car cleaner, but it also makes it easier to clean your car when it does need it.

Wax or Ceramic Coating: Which Is Better?

After reading about the benefits of ceramic coatings, you may be thinking that it is the clear-cut winner over wax. However, that is not 100% true for everyone. Wax coatings still have their place for those performing auto detailing on classic cars and show cars. Does wax coating hold a special place in your heart? There’s nothing wrong with sticking with what has always worked for you!

If you are driving a brand-new car, odds are you will prefer to use ceramic coating to protect your shiny new investment from the ravages of time and the environment.

Whether you choose to use wax or ceramic for your paint coating of choice, they both will give your car a luscious shine and an extra layer of protection when properly applied. The choice of which technology to use is yours. More than anyone else, you know what your car needs best.

Making Your Car Shine

Whether you’re looking to put a classic finish on your classic show car, or giving your daily driver some well-earned protection, a good car paint coating can only improve the look and health of your vehicle! We hope this article has helped you decide for yourself what technology will work best for your own car.

If you have found this article helpful, and are looking to learn more, please take a look at our other blogs about car care!

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