Car Detailing in Kissimmee – Car Waxing

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
Car Detailing in Kissimmee

Car Detailing in Kissimmee

No car detailing in Kissimmee is ever complete without the application of a coat of wax to its exterior. After having your car thoroughly cleaned and polished, avail the chance to make it possible for retaining its showroom touch with waxing.

Our car detailing in Kissimmee professionals know that the frequency varies for each car, waxing it no less than twice a year allows it to become resistant to rust, water, dirt, and other environmental agents of wear and tear that may latch itself to your recently cleaned car. There are different types of car waxes available that can be broadly categorized into hard, soft, and liquid waxes.

Hard Waxes

Also known as paste waxes, these are able to give maximum protection and are generally used by most car detailing in Kissimmee services. They come with directions and an applicator or lint-free cloth. Since they become hard enough to remove, it is suggested that a small area is covered at a moment.

Soft Waxes

This type of wax can be easily applied and removed. They are light and may or may not be combined with a cleaner. They, too, come with applicators or a terry cloth.

Liquid Waxes

They are often used in between professional waxing to maintain a sensitive finish that is not long-lasting.

Tips and Procedures

One tip that our car detailing in Kissimmee  experts give to our customers is that If the job is not executed in the right manner, the wax cannot help you maintain the fresh look of your clean car. Some tips and precautions can help make it go a long way.


Cleaner waxes are harsher while spray waxes do not have a long life. A tip is to use wax that’s chosen according to the specific car.


The extremes of weather scale can make waxing a difficult job. The heat can make it dry instantly while the cold makes even applying it to the car a problem. The ideal wax coat is applied on days that have a temperature between 55° and 85° F, preferably in garage space.


The amount of wax used also affects the overall quality of production. Users are typically guided to use smaller quantities to avoid making a mess and wasting the product. Moreover, a thin layer bonds better.


To make sure that the wax is evenly applied all over, directions include proceeding with a small area of a particular section. It is essential to downplay the pressure and keep the circular strokes as gentle as possible.

Most people like to have a perfect finish to their car detailing in Kissimmee. This can be achieved using a dual-action or a random orbital high-speed buffer. For customers who desire it, double waxing services are also available for an extra shine.

Time Duration:

One very important tip by our car detailing in Kissimmee  professionals is that you need to make sure that you have ample time at hand to wait for the wax to settle before wiping it away. If there’s a smear from a swipe, it will indicate that the wax is not to be taken off yet. Also, it is necessary that the cleaning is done with a brand new microfiber cloth so keep changing the sides when it starts to sag. The applicant should check to remove wax from cracks and molding.

Other Safety Precautions:

Do not apply a wax coat if you have allowed you car to have the matte finish. Testing the surface with water beading trick or the terrycloth towel squeak can alert you to know when your car needs waxing.

Don’t let your car look dull even after a wash. If you are punctual and regular in taking care of the needs of your vehicle with car detailing in Kissimmee, you will improve your car’s life and resale value significantly.

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