An Eco-Friendly Car Wash

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020
eco-friendly Waterless Hand Car Wash

The increasing demands of their customers make car wash industries heavy consumers of natural resources of water and energy. Moreover, they also run the risk of spreading pollution.

Car wash in Kissimmee is run by professionals who seek to make their work eco-friendly so as not to lose support from their customers as well as work under the legal rules and restrictions.

Kissimmee Car Wash Avoids Water Pollution

Most of the contaminated water is released into the storm drains that lead to rivers, streams, and lakes. When getting your car washed in Kissimmee, you can be sure that the water is not left untreated; rather, it is directed through sewer systems to water treatment facilities that de-contaminate it.

Effluents containing residues of fumes, oil, gasoline, dirt, heavy metals like zinc and copper, and the cleaning detergents used in the washing process can easily poison the water system and kill aquatic life. Our eco-friendly car wash in Kissimmee makes sure that the detergents used to clean your car are biodegradable and diluted. If there is no soil patch to absorb and neutralize the water puddles, make sure they are wiped or dried so that no animal/bird drinks it.

Kissimmee Car Wash Avoids Wasting Water

Most car wash in Kissimmee offer computerized services so as to ensure that minimum water is used while providing you with quality cleaning all the same. Moreover, they use water nozzles that have a low-pressure guarantee for efficient distribution of water.

Also, there is no harm in using recycled water to rinse cars as long as it does not affect the service the customer has paid for.

Another technique used in our car wash in Kissimmee these days is to use products that can be sprayed on and then wiped with a cloth to clean the surfaces while avoiding the use of water altogether.

Kissimmee Car Wash Avoids Wasting Energy

Our eco-friendly car wash in Kissimmee keeps a check on their energy consumption, they contribute in the conservation of natural resources.

Using alternative energy resources such as solar power has resulted in a major reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as well as the energy consumption. Also, geothermal energy can also be used to power the facility. Other techniques can include energy created through wind turbines and a variable-speed-drive vacuum pump, heat pumps, and heat exchangers.

Avoid buildings that are not eco-friendly

The materials that are used in building the eco-friendly Kissimmee car wash service can alert customers about the owner’s stance with respect to the environment. Using environmentally friendly materials can prove to be beneficial in the long run as it also helps lower building and maintenance costs.

Installing special doors that help maintain required temperature in the building can also help conserve energy.

Every car owner has to keep their car clean and free from dirt residues and damages that may negatively affect its performance. An ideal wash should help prolong the car’s life but should not pollute the environment.


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