Hand Car Wash

Our hand car wash in Kissimmee, FL has been serving the community for more than 15 years, and we know that  car enthusiasts know what it means to clean your automobile with the passion of a devotee. It’s not just any machine to them; it’s like a dress they need to clad themselves in and the better it looks, the better they feel.

When it comes to carwash, there are two options, automatic and hand car wash. For many people a hand car wash in Kissimmee is a popular option. Hand car wash is up close and personal, and takes into account the customers’ needs. The attention to detail given in our hand car wash Kissimmee is bound to make you feel your money was well spent.

Let’s see why our hand car wash is a better option.

1. Reasonable Price

Freedom Classic Hand Car Wash is affordable as compared to automatic car wash services. Different types of cars are offered different discount rates so that each customer can save money and go home happy.

Kissimmee Car Wash Service Packages

    • Exterior Hand Wash
    • Rims & Tire Wash
    • Hand Dry
    • Tire Shine
  • EL CLASSIC – $25
    • “Freedom Express” Package plus
    • Vacuum
    • Windows
    • Dash Wipe Down
    • Air Freshener
  • EXTERIOR WAX – $35 – $50
    • “El Classic” Package plus
    • Bug, Tar Removal
    • Hand Applied Wax to Protect Paint
    • Buffed to a Brilliant Shine
    • “El Classic” Package plus
    • Carpets & Mats Shampoo
    • Interior Surfaces Cleaned & Conditioned Like New
    • Dash & Trim Cleaned and Dressed
    • Odor Eliminator & Fragrance Applied
  • SEMI DETAILING – $100+
    • “Exterior Wax” Package pluse
    • “Interior Detailing” Package
  • FULL DETAILING – $110+
    • “Interior Detailing” Package
    • High Speed Buffing or Buff Wax
    • Engine Cleaning
  • CLAY BAR –
    • Removes surface contamination

2. Efficient Staff

Our Kissimmee car wash has a crew that performs its duties thoroughly. They are friendly and attend to each customer personally. From workers to the manager, the staff wants to retain their customers. This gives our hand car wash in Kissimmee a major advantage over there automatic counterparts.

3. No appointments required

You do not have to make a prior appointment. Just drive-in, and get your car washed or detailed. Peak-hour or not, our services are available for all.

4. Car Wash and Car Detailing Coupons

Our hand car wash Kissimmee offers customer cards and package deals such as a free exterior wash. Go to our car wash specials page (link to specials page) to get our latest car wash and auto detailing promotions.

Why Choose Freedom Classic Hand Car Wash in Kissimmee?

In case of automatic car wash, there is always a chance of damage being done to the exterior of your car. Our hand car wash in Kissimmee, makes sure that the respective products and cleaning tools are carefully selected and the cleaning itself is attentively carried out. Every nook and corner is cleaned without damaging the car. All of their customers can claim to have been satisfied with royal treatment and amazing results. A good Kissimmee car wash ensures that you get:

  • Flawless rims.
  • Shining wash and no swirls.
  • Shining chrome.
  • Good quality wax.
  • Polished exhausts.
  • Clean vacuum of interior.
  • Satisfactory shampooing of seats.
  • No speck of water left.
  • Personal inspection before handing it over.

Every car owner wants reliable services. Freedom Classic Car Wash in Kissimmee offers just that, along with safe, friendly, and clean environment.

For more information please contact us (link to contact page) or call Angel Rodriguez at (407) 729-1947, or Esteban Morales at (407) 970-5857.