Amazing Vacuum Features and Types in a Car Wash Kissimmee

by Esteban   |   April 10, 2020

The Functions of Vacuum

In a car wash Kissimmee, vacuums can serve as both wet and dry cleaners. Primarily, however, a vacuum contributes to the cleanliness of a car by removing all sorts of debris and leftovers from it. The debris can be anything from being hair, gravel, dust, food crumbs, etc. Whether you are at an express car wash Kissimmee, a flex car wash, a full service car wash or for car detailing, vacuums are now a major part of the industry.

Key Features

Constructed out of stainless and rugged steel and combined with a powerful electric system and a filter bag, vacuums in car wash Kissimmee are mostly situated outside under canopied areas for due services. The filtration system allows it to be later emptied into a trash can.

The key featuring deals in a car wash Kissimmee vacuum include:

  • Easy and cost-effective manufacturing, installation and maintenance
  • Durability and no breakdowns
  • Powerful yet efficient energy consumption with safe electrical wiring
  • The facility for customers to select and make it either an optional code activation system or a coin operated one

The Types

Stationary vacuum systems can include the Liberty vacuum, Gemini vacuum, Hopper Separators supported by canopies, and structures like arches, truss, stanchions, and canopies.

Depending on the time and customer necessity, there are different vacuum services available to use:

  1. The Air & Vacuum, Air & Water, or Air Only Machine comes with coin acceptors and a pedestal. Engineered from durable stainless steel, the unit has a three-filter bag and two separate access doors.
  2. Adding to the curb appeal of a car wash Kissimmee are the Stainless Vacuum Islands. Although its masonry bases are expensive and take a lot of time to be structured, single vacuums are becoming increasingly being accepted for their custom production. They are available with individual anchor bolts, awning pole receptors, and trash can holder and give owners the chance to chose from single or double (i.e. vacuum + fragrance machine + hot foam carpet shampooers for two customers) combinations. The awning is especially useful at night. The mat clamps make the task of cleaning car mats easy.
  3. Even now single vacuums are very much in demand for being economically affordable while still offering powerful vacuum services with stainless steel bodies. Some of its unique features are adjustable timer, a vacuum hose cuff, an upholstery tool.
  4. The Blast-N-Vac System has combined the properties of a high speed air blower system with those of a strong vacuum. Working for a spotless interior as well as removing water from mirrors, wheels, engine and other crevices, the main features make it an electronic coin acceptor three filter-bag system.
  5. The round vacuum series is made from high quality stainless steel and offers dual functioning in reasonable price range. It has a built-in countdown timer, coin counter and vacuum cycle counter along with a three-filter mechanism.
  6. Oval vacuums are built with countdown timer, electronic coin acceptor and have hot foam carpet cleaner or misty fragrance included in a four-filter bag model.

While the staff of car wash Kissimmee strives for excellent productivity, it can only be achieved by serving your priority of properly engineered cleaning and detailing. Make it possible by opting for packages inclusive of vacuum services at a car wash in Kissimmee.

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